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Application for RCCS Computational Resource FY2021

  • Application Types: Categories (A), (B), (I), and Library Development
  • Application Open: Dec 1, 2020.
  • Application Close:
    • Category (B) -  Jan 14, 2021 24:00.
    • Others (Categories (A) and (I), Library Development) -  Mar 20, 2022 24:00.
  • Resource Available Period: Apr 7, 2021 17:00 to Apr 4, 2022 9:00.

NOTE 1: For Category (A)/(I) applicants who want to use resources from Apr. 7, 2021, please submit your application until Jan 14, 2021 24:00.
NOTE 2: Application portal site (NOUS) will be temporarily unavailable during 12:00-12:20 on Dec 10, 2020 due to the maintenance.

How to Apply

You can apply RCCS resources at NINS Open Use System (NOUS).

Important Notes on User Account Creation and Login

  • Click this link to go to sign up page.
  • User accounts of previous system ( are migrated to NOUS. If you fail to create new account and an error message including your e-mail address is shown, please try "Reset Password" at the login page. In the "Reset Password" page, please input your e-mail address as login ID.
  • Account creation wouldn't be completed instantly due to the verification by administrative staff.
    • (New account creation process won't proceed during the night, weekend, and holidays.)
  • Two-step verification is required upon login (unless you can use shibboleth authentication). After approval of your login and password, you will see a button to get your keycode. Once you click the button, the key will be sent to you via e-mail.

Application Procedure after logging in to NOUS

(NOUS web pages are not yet fully available in English. This explanation pdf file might be helpful to you. Please check it.)

  1. You maybe at "My Page".(*A)
  2. Click green "new application" button in that page.
  3. Choose one from "IMS-RCCS-A-en", "IMS-RCCS-B-en" "IMS-RCCS-shonai-en".
  4. Fill the contents of the application form according to the "Guide to RCCS application form" below, and then click "Submit App." on the top of the page to complete the submssion. You can save current application by clicking "Save App." on the top. (*A)(*B)(*C)
  5. Notification of application submission will be sent to the representative person. Then, print out and fill the consent form for joint research  (*A) and ask the immediate manager to put an official seal. Finally, send the consent form with official seal of the immediate manager by postal mail.

(*A) Please also check explanation pdf file.
(*B) The lifetime of web session is an hour. If you spent more than one hour, unsaved contents would be discarded. It would be better to save the application data by clicking "Save App." on the top of the page. Please also note that application cannot be saved if any of required fields is empty; you might need to write dummy data on those fields temporarily.
(*C) Once the application created, your application will be listed in "My Page". Click "edit" button if you want to modify application. You can submit application by clicking "submit" button in "My Page". After the submission, you can still edit the application till the application deadline. You don't need to re-submit when editing already submitted application. Just saving application by "Save App." is equivalent to re-submisson for the already submitted application.

Notes on Application

  • Some examples can be found in this page.
  • Reasons/estimates should be specific.
    • X hours are required to obtain a trajectory of XXX using Y CPU cores, and N-trajectories will be necessary for the qualitative analysis. Therefore, we request ZZZ (=X*N*....) points.
    • Single run yields XXX MB of data and we are planning to perform N runs for statistical averaging. Thus, we request ZZZ (XXX * N + margin) of disk space including AAA of  margin.
  • Please consider the total amount of disk space when you request huge disk space exceeding the standard value.
  • Additional resource (CPU points, disk space) request is possible but there are some restrictions.
    • In case of Category (B), total CPU points request (initially approved points + total of additionally requested points) must be <= min( 15,000,000, double of initially approved points).

Guide to RCCS application form

1. Basic Information

Research Project Information
Click an empty cell and choose representative person from the NOUS user list.
Receipt Number Automatically added by the system.
Application Date Automatically added by the system.
Fraud Prevenion
Check the box if you can agree with the contents.
Application Details Please read notices in this page.
Various IDs Fill the IDs if you are former user and you can remember the IDs.
Leave them blank otherwise.
Application Types

Choose one from "Molecuar Science", "Physiological Sciences", "Basic Biology" for "Research Field".
For "Application Category", categories (A) and (B) applicants may have only one option.
"IMS-RCCS-shonai-en" applicants should choose an item according to your affilication.

Usage Start Date
Input the date directly or using calendar.
The start date of FY2021 is 2021-04-07 (Apr. 7, 2021)
Title of Project
Input the project title in English.
Immediate Manager
Write the name and job title of the immediate manager, who has official seal ("職印" in Japanese).
Official seal of this manager is required for "consent form" which is to be sent us by postal mail.
Supervisor Information This is required only if the representative is a graduate school student.
Write the name and job title of the supervisor once your application is approved by him/her.
Resources Information
CPU Points Request
For Category (A) application (IMS-RCCS-A-en), CPU points is 30,000.
Please use Category (B) (IMS-RCCS-B-en) for application of CPU points > 30,000.
The upper limit for Category(B) FY2021 application is 15,000,000 points.
Reason to request CPU points
more than 30,000.
Write the reason and the details about estimation.
This field is required for Category (B) application.
Some examples can be found in this page.

2. Research Details

Research Objectives and Goals
You can input contents directly in the textbox OR upload contents PDF file (A4 portrait).
In case you want to use figures or/and tables, please prepare PDF file.
Research Plan
You can input contents directly in the textbox OR upload contents PDF file (A4 portrait).
In case you want to use figures or/and tables, please prepare PDF file.
Publication Status You can input contents directly in the textbox OR upload contents PDF file (A4 portrait).
In case you want to use figures or/and tables, please prepare PDF file.
Publications of recent three years should be listed here.
Other Projects In case you applied for joint/collaboration research projects of other supercomputer centers (e.g. ISSP),
please write the project names here.

3. Members

Project Members
Members of the Project Choose the representaive first, and then add other members by "add row" button.

Job title at this moment should be inputted.
(NOT the job title at the start of usage.)
For job title field of students, input the school year (e.g. M2, D1, D3).
(Undergraduate students who will be graduate students at the usage start can be listed.)

Home Directory (/home) Size
Capacity of home directory (/home) size. (Standard size: # of members x 500 GB)
In case you want to request larger size than the standard one, please write the reason.
Total amount of /home in FY2021: 1.5PB
Reason to request larger /home size This is required if the requested /home size is larger than the standard one.

4. Figures, Tables, PDFs

Upload files by "add row" if necessary.

5. Consent Form

Consent Form
Once the application on NOUS is completed, you need to prepare consent form.
The consent form can be downloaded from the following URL. Fill the form and send it the following address by postal mail.
(Otherwise, your application won't be approved).

Sending address:
        Joint Research Section,
        International Relations and Research Cooperation Division,
        Okazaki Administration Center,
        38 Nishigo-Naka, Myodaiji, Okazaki, Aichi 444-8585