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Support for Victims of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake
To support researchers affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake occurred on January 1, 2024, RCCS is providing the following assistance. The support program above is available only for the victims of the earthquake. For Categories (A) and (B) application, please submit directly from NOUS. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Start accepting applications for GRRM23 (scheduled to start on January 11, 2024)

We have started accepting applications for GRRM23,
a program for an automated exploration of chemical reaction pathways,
from December 19.
Once your application is approved,
you will be able to use GRRM23 on the RCCS computer.
The service is scheduled to begin on January 11, 2024.
Please refer to the following page (users only) for application procedure and notes.


June 19 0:00-6:00: network access to RCCS will be unavailable due to SINET maintenance

Network access to RCCS will be unavailable for about 15 minutes at most twice during 0:00-6:00 AM on June 19 due to the SINET maintenance. Access to login servers and this website will not be available during the period. Submitted jobs are not affected by this maintenance. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.