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An application for the usage of RCCS supercomputer resources must be filed by the representative of the group.

The representative person should be either of
 1. Academic researcher at research institute in Japan (e.g. National/public/private universities and institutes).
 2. Person who is approved by the RCCS Director to have an equivalent ability to 1. (Ph.D. students are included here.)
and the research purpose is concerned with at least one of the following research fields:
 a. Molecular Science
 b. Basic Biology
 c. Physiological Sciences

Other than above, one can be a representative if approved by the RCCS Director.

In case representative is a Ph.D. student, approval of his/her supervisor is required.

Following positions are usually not qualified as a representative.

  • Master course students
  • Part-time positions excluding emeritus professors

Representative must be a resident of Japan (see below for the definition). In case representative is going to be a non-resident, some other person should become the representative instead.

Groups and Members

A group can have members other than representative.
Graduate school students (including students in 5th- or 6th-year of 6-year degree course) and persons having academic degrees (bachelor, master, doctor) belonging to academic institute can be members of a group.
Following persons CANNOT be a member of a group generally.

  • Undergraduate students (excluding students in 5th- or 6th-year of 6-year degree course)
  • Non-residents of Japan (regardless of the nationality) 


Non-residents of Japan can't use supercomputers in Japan regardless of their nationality under the "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act" law.
However, in case of switching careers overseas or the short-stay of overseas students, utilization of supercomputers can be approved under the permission of the Ministry of Economy.
Please ask us if there are corresponding persons.

Details about Security Export Control System in Japan can be found at "Export Control page" of the Ministry of Economy.
The definitions of resident/non-resident below are excerpted from this pdf file (with some minor modifications).

Definition of "Non-resident"


  1. Those who departed from Japan and stay outside Japan for the purpose of working at an overseas office.
  2. Those who departed from Japan and stay outside Japan for the purpose of staying outside Japan for two years or longer.
  3. Those who stay outside Japan after the departure from Japan for two years or longer.
  4. Those who fall under any of (1) through (3) and returned to Japan as a temporary homecoming staying for less than six months so far.


  1. Persons in public service for foreign governments or international institutions.
  2. Diplomats, consuls or accompanying personnel/servants thereof (only those appointed/hired outside Japan).
  3. All foreigners other than (a), (b), (d), (e)

Definition of "Resident"


  1. Those who work at Japan's international diplomatic offices.
  2. All other Japanese than (1), (2), (3) and (5).


  1. Those who work at an office in Japan.
  2. Those who stay in Japan for six months or longer after entry.