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All the applications will be reviewed.
In case there is problem in your application, we will ask you to modify the application or reject your application.

Review Procedure / Review Policy

CPU points for each application will be assigned from the results of review according to the protocol defined by the RCCS committee. Then, after the approval by the Director of RCCS, the CPU points are finally determined. In the review process, the following elements will be considered when determining the grade.

  • Contents of application (purposes, goals, plans etc.).
  • Contents of former application (if any).
  • Usage report (if any).
  • Publications.
  • Conference presentations.

CPU points will be calculated from the average of grades using the equation approved by the RCCS committee. To get a higher grade, research purpose should be clearly written. For continued applications, status of the research and results so far should also be described in that same section. Research plan should have not only the overall research plan but also the reason for the requested CPU points. Detailed information about software (name, version, functions) maybe necessary in this section. If you request CPU points over than the standard value, detailed explanation and estimation are also required.

Poor description of research purposes, goals, and plans will result in a lower grade upon review, and CPU points you get will be smaller.

Other Checks

Center staff will verify qualification.