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Application for RCCS Computational Resources FY2020 (year-round)

Application Types

  • General - Categories (A) and (B)
  • Internal - Category (I)
  • Others - Library Development

Important Dates and Period

  • Application Open: Dec. 1, 2019.
  • Application Close
    • Category (B): Jan. 14, 2020, 24:00.
    • Category (A), (I), Library Development: Mar. 20, 2021, 24:00.
  • Available Period: Apr. 8, 2020 ~ Apr. 5, 2021, 9:00.

How to Apply

You can apply from this site (English page is not available, sorry).
This site is not only for Research Center for Computational Science (RCCS), please be careful when choosing application type.
Besides the simple explanation of the procedure below, more detalied guide with many screenshots is also available. These materials would help you to submit an application. Template file for initial member registration is also available (please remove/overwrite example user Prof. Smith before uploading).

Application Procedure

  1. You (as a representative person) need to create an account of that site first. If you don't have an account yet, click "アカウント作成" (create an account) button on the top page of the application site. You need to fill information required (name, position, e-mail address etc.) in this page where e-mail address is also used as your account name. After the registration, you will receive e-mail where URL address for account activation exists. Go to the URL to activate your account, then you will receive password of the account via e-mail.
  2. Login to the application site using your account (e-mail address registered) and password sent via e-mail.
  3. Click "計算科学研究センター" (Research Center for Computational Science) button, and then click  "2020年度 計算科学研究センター" (Research Center for Computational Science FY2020) button.
  4. Fill the application. Application will be completed when you click "登録する" (register) button.(*)
  5. Notification e-mail where "共同利用研究申込承諾書" (consent form for Joint-research application) attached will be sent to representaive person. The officail seal of the head of your organization (department/center/instuitute etc.) is required for the consent form between RCCS and your organization. Then, the printed form with the offical seal should be sent to RCCS by postal mail.

(*) After completing the application, you can still modify it by clicking "再開する" (resume) button. Please note that once you click "次の処理へ" (next) button, status of your application will change to  "申請途中"  (not completed). You need to move to the final page and click "登録する" (register) button to complete the application again.

Notes on Application

  • Some examples can be found in this page.
  • Reasons/estimates should be specific.
    • X hours are required to obtain a trajectory of XXX using Y CPU cores, and N-trajectories will be necessary for the qualitative analysis. Therefore, we request ZZZ (=X*N*....) points.
    • Single run yields XXX MB of data and we are planning to perform N runs for statistical averaging. Thus, we request ZZZ (XXX * N + margin) of disk space including AAA of  margin.
  • Please consider the total amount of disk space when you request huge disk space exceeding the standard value.
  • Additional resource (CPU points, disk space) request is possible but there are some restrictions.
    • In case of Category (B), total CPU points request (initially approved points + total of additionally requested points) must be <= min( 15,000,000, double of initially approved points).