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How to write/submit usage report (FY2020)

Research groups whose application was approved are requested to submit a usage report after the usage. Usage reports of groups assigned more than 30,000 CPU points will be published in RCCS Center Report. Also, the usage report will be taken into account upon the review of furture applications.

Template File

Download the template

Format of Usage Report

The format is summarized below.

page size A4 portrait
Depends on total available CPU points
<= 100,000: 1 page
100,001-1,000,000: 2 pages
>= 1,000,001: 4 pages
cluster-apply group ("専有利用" in Japanese):point-dependent number (above) + 1 pages
top/bottom: 25mm
left/right: 20mm
font Embed non-standard fonts into the file when you create PDF file.

Recommended fonts: "Times New Roman", "Helvetica", "Arial", "Symbol"

(project name)

14 points sans-serif font, centered. (If there is Japanese title, write Japanese title first and then write English one.)
The title must be the same as the one in application. However, you can add subtitle in case the original title is clearly not suitable for the report. Please use 12 points sans-serif letters for the subtitile.

user list 12 points serif letters should be used for the authors list. All the members (including the ones added after the submission) must be listed in comma-separated manner. The name of representative must come first and a white circle sign (○; U+25E6 (white bullet) or U+25CB) must be added before the name. (If you have difficulties in typing white circle, underline the name of the representative.) After the author list, add the list of affiliation in parenthesis.
12 points sans-serif font. Chapter number is required. Chapter number and heading should be separated by two spaces.
10 points sans-serif font. Section number should be in (chapter number).(section number) format (e.g. 1.1). Section number and heading should be separated by two spaces.
write in 10 points letters.
You can attach figures and tables to the report. The font type should be the recommended one (see above) and the font size must not be larger than 12 points. Figure titles should be placed below the figure and be written in 10 points letters. Table title should be placed above the table and be written in 10 points letters. Colored figures are allowed (since Center Report is published online now; some of copies might be printed in monochrome, though.)
list 10 points letters.
A usage report is expected to have following chapters.
1.  Introduction
2.  Methods
    Application name(s) should also be described here.
3.  Results
    Pkease describe the details about results.
4.  Talks and Posters
5.  Publications
    4 and 5 are required. If there are no presentations/publications, please write "N/A", "None", or "Nothing". Scheduled presentation and submitted article can be listed here. Please add filled/black star sign (★; U+2605 or U+22C6) for the items where the results obtained with RCCS supercomputers were used. (If you have troubles in typing a star sign, please use black spade (♠) or club (♣) instead. In case all those marks do not work correctly, underline the item.)
references References chapter can be added. The chapter heading should be “References” written in 12 points serif letters, where chapter number should NOT be added. For each item of references should be written in 10 points letters. Reference items should be marked with [1], [2], and so on.

How to Submit Usage Report

deadline Jun 1, 2021 (Tue)
what to
PDF version of usage report
file name If possible, please set filename to “report2020-(group ID).pdf”.
where to
Login to NINS Open Use System (NOUS) first. You may find the corresponding project in the list of “approved” or “completed” projects. Then, click “upload” button of that project.

How to Report Published Results

Research papers and other publications containing results obtained on RCCS should include proper acknowledgment to RCCS. Moreover, once your paper is published, please register information of the article at the "Report publishing paper" page.

The registration status will be listed in our "Center Report" and is taken into account upon reviewing application. If the publication lacks acknowledgment to RCCS, you don't need to report.