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Response to the Clarification of "Deemed Export" Controls (from May 1, 2022)

Until Apr 30, 2022, only "Non-Residents" are the subject to Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act Law (FEFTA). However, from May 1, 2022, "Resident" under the significant influence of "Non-Resident" (a person falling under the "Specific Categories") will also be the subject to FEFTA. (ref: qualification page) Even Japanese persons with Japanese nationality is not free from this issue. In response to this change, RCCS needs to take some actions. Please see below for details.
(May 16 update) application form on NOUS was updated. You can apply for new project now.


Regarding "Non-Residents"

There are no changes for "Non-Residents".

Already approved projects/new member registrations (till Apr 30)

You don't need to take extra actions for already approved (until Apr 30) projects and new member registrations.
New application after May 1 needs some extra works.

New Member Registrations after May 1

After May 1, it is necessary to declare whether the new member is falling under "Specific Categories". Therefore, the registration form is updated on Apr 28. Please use register with this new one. Old ones will not be accepted.

If you are not sure whether the member is falling under the "Specific Categories", please consult with the division in charge at your institution first.