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(Mar 29 update) Mar 26(Sat) 10:00-13:00: network unavailable

Network access to RCCS will temporarily be unavailable due to the replacement of upstream network devices on the following periods.

  • Mar 26 (Sat) 10:00-13:00

The last replacement work on March was rescheduled for Mar 26 (Sat). Please beware of this rescheduling.
The RCCS system itself will not be affected by the issue; already submitted jobs won't be affected by this replacement. However, access to this website or frontend nodes (ccfep) will be unavailable. Please avoid performing data backups during or around these periods. Further information, impact time etc., will be updated as it becomes available. We are really sorry for the inconvenience.


  • (Mar 29 update) replacement work on Mar 26 was completed without problems. Thank you.
  • (Mar 22 update) The final work on March was fixed on Mar 26.
  • (Mar 22 update) Works on Mar 18, 19-21 were completed without problems. Thank you.
  • (Mar 18 update) Scheduled down time for Mar 27 added. => (update again) Mar 27 work might be rescheduled to Mar 26?
  • (Mar 11 update) Scheduled down time for Mar 19 added. Notice for unscheduled network outages betw. Mar 19-21 were also added.
  • (Mar 9 update) Network will also be unavailable on Mar 27 (Sun); re-added. Scheduled down time for Mar 18 was added.
  • (Mar 3 update) Tasks originally scheduled for Mar 27 (Sun) has been moved to Mar 18 (Fri).