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FY2020 Usage Report (Deadline: Jun 1)

The deadline for FY2020 usage report is Tuesday, Jun 1. Details about the report can be found in this page. Please note that only the representative person can upload the report.
(May 20) We have fixed most of the errors of NOUS. Also, we have sent emails individually to representatives whose project is not yet correctly recognized in NOUS. In case you can't find "upload" button in your page of NOUS and don't receive email from RCCS even after May 20 13:30, please tell us via contact from or email. We are really sorry for the inconvenience.

Screenshot when there is no "upload" button

FY2020 project should be listed in "Completed applications last year" section of NOUS My Page.

If you have any trouble related to NOUS, please ask NOUS or RCCS for help.