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User Services

TSS Service

TSS is mainly used for Center usage, by Network (like SINET4, Internet), or by the machine at Center 2nd floor:terminal room.

Database Service

The following three databases are open to all users. RCCS has also been supporting and collaborating with the QCLDB project.

And the environmental improvement via Web is performed.

Program Library

From the beginnig of Center, the gathering / developing of libraries are continued, so the followed programs are available.

Application Programs

RCCS provides application programs in the field of molecular and material sciences, either free or commercial, to all the users. As of May, 2013, RCCS is equipped with quantum chemistry program packages, including Gaussian, GAMESS, Molpro and Molcas, molecular dynamics program packages, such as Amber, NAMD, and general mathematical subroutines optimized to each server.

 List of Pakage Programs

Network Service

The servers of RCCS are interconnected by gigabit Ethernet using optical fiber from the network switch, which enable high-speed data transfer between the servers. The RCCS network is connected to the internet via the super SINET, and the users can thereby access the RCCS machines from outside the campus.
The information like Center useage-guide are opened for web, and browseable from Center HP.